Pivot Capital is backed by a diverse mix of high caliber partners with deep experience and proven investment track records across sectors. 



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Pacific Lake Partners is a Boston-based private equity firm that focuses on investing in search fund acquired companies. Founding partners Jim Southern and Coley Andrews have invested in 75+ search funds in a variety of industries and geographies. Jim holds an MBA from Harvard and Coley holds an MBA from Stanford. To learn more about Pacific Lake click here.

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Anacapa Partners is a California-based private equity firm that invests in operating companies that have been identified by principals using the search fund business model. Founding partner Jeff Stevens has 20+ years of experience structuring, operating and investing in search fund companies and managed three funded searches between 1990-2005. He holds an MBA from Stanford. Managing partner Ashley Giesler has 15 years of experience advising, operating and investing in high growth venture and private equity, and was a member of the senior team at Asurion, the most successful search fund operating company to date. Principal Greg Matthews managed a search fund and holds an MBA from Kellogg. To learn more about Anacapa click here.

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TTCER is an investment partnership between the founding team of Asurion which includes Kevin Taweel, Bret Comolli, Gerald Risk, and William Thorndike.  Since co-founding Asurion in 1994, the company has grown from 40 to 16,000 employees, becoming the world's largest provider of technology protection services, partnering with the world's top companies and brands and serving over 275 million customers. To learn more about Asurion click here.

Tomas Bergstrand is the founder of Archipelago Ventures, LLC a Boston-based private investment firm established in 2008. Archipelago Ventures serves as a vehicle for diversifying assets into privately held investments. Since its founding, Archipelago has made investments in search funds, search fund acquisitions and in select startup ventures in the United States and Europe. Tomas holds a Masters in International Finance from Columbia University.

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Vonzeo Capital is an investment fund that co-finances the search as well as the acquisition of primarily service companies, typically with revenue under $50 million, that operate in growing markets. Vonzeo Capital supports entrepreneurs through the search fund model by creating a platform of excellence in mentoring, learning, doing and achieving. Founding partners Jan Simon and Kristoff Puelinckx have combined over 30 years of experience investing, managing, and advising companies across five different continents. To learn more about Vonzeo Capital click here.